Downloading Saito then Synching the Chain

Welcome to the

Saito Network

Welcome to the Saito Network

This is one of the servers powering the Saito blockchain. Use the top-right icons to visit the Saito Arcade, chat with your friends, or install new applications and manage your wallet.

Saito is the world's first truly scalable application blockchain. Visit our main website for information on how Saito works, the problems that it solves, how to build your own apps, and many more tutorials and videos.

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Play Games on the Saito Network

Ariadne Network is Live

The easiest, most fun, way to get started is to play a game.

All our boardgames are fully featured and fully on chain. Head over, and find a game, or challenge a friend.

Saito creates an in-browser wallet suitable for mobile and desktop, and our token rewards will get you started. No metamask, no worries.

Saito has a remarkable team that has inspired us... Roger Lim, Founding Partner, NEO Global Capital
Pay attention to these guys... Li Xiaolai, Founder, INBlockchain
Interesting idea. Are you planning to fork Bitcoin and add this? Bobby Lee, Founder BTCC - Board of Directors Bitcoin Foundation